xyce is a project by two ordinary guys from Groningen / Nederland (Netherlands) who make music on the Amiga 500 (Protracker 1.3b), Atari 1040STe (Musicmon 2.5e), PC (OpenMPT) and Gameboy (LSDJ).

After we met online and started making music together, the project xyce took off and about 9 years later we made six albums, several sideprojects, did numerous liveshows throughout the world and continue to have a heck-load-of-fun.

We are mainly influenced by demoscene-related artists and other trackermusicians, but if you got something good, please, hit us up!


Tom 'xylo' Offringa & Roel 'cerror' Heerspink

contact us

Got burning questions, businessinquiries, stuff about gigs, merchandise or just in the mood for a friendly chat? Email us at: hello@xyce.nl

We decided to remove the module section from the website, if you feel the need to listen to the original files give us a shout!

If you want to stay up-to-date concerning gigs, new music, random stuff, pics and other xyce stuff follow us on: